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Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling
at HyperFit MD

At HyperFit MD, we treat the root causes of weight gain and offer exercise and nutritional counseling, resulting in optimal health and wellness. Our focus is on your well-being and health, including permanent weight loss. Our approach corrects underlying metabolic, hormonal and lifestyle issues that you may be causing weight loss resistance.

How to get started

Give us a call at (203) 890-9777 or request your appointment. Our experienced staff at HyperFit MD in the Milford, CT area are here to help. Don’t wait another day to get your weight back on track! Choose a lasting, healthy way of life.

What to know about Weight Loss & Nutritional Counseling

Designed Just for You

You will start with a complete nutrition and lifestyle evaluation with our health coach. You may choose one of the different options available based on your health and preferences. Your lifestyle nutritionist will hold you accountable and will support you as you go through your lifestyle changes.

During this process, you will follow an easy meal plan aimed at changing your biochemistry to improve your metabolism and will receive personalized exercise coaching. You will learn strategies to help you make your lifestyle changes, and you will find personalized support every step of the way. You will obtain weight management skills that you can use for your entire lifetime.

How you benefit

You will begin to shed your fat without feeling deprived of your favorite foods and without any dangerous side effects. Better yet, your weight will stay off for good. Unlike other diets you will learn how to lead a normal life, eating natural food and enjoying your new healthy weight.

You will fix your metabolism for greater efficiency and will get rid of your body’s imbalances. You will learn how to eat right and how to prepare healthy meals in minutes. You will learn how to maximize results through exercise. Most importantly, you will learn the tools and tricks to help you avoid emotional and physical triggers that may be causing your weight gain.

Our approach is individualized and tailored to your unique needs. We are confident that you will shed weight following our customized plan. We will support your efforts and your commitment to improving your health and maintaining lasting, healthy weight loss.


What Customers Say About Us

HyperFit MD

We are passionate about helping our patients and we are very grateful that we have been able to meet and help so many in and around Connecticut.

Highly recommend. So refreshing to have a doctor who is competent, listens to your health concerns and seeks answers to the cause of the problem. Dr. Guglin offers a free one-hour consultation and all my labs were 100% covered.

- Deb

I learned so much about my body and my health by completing 3 of the test that Dr. Guglin recommended. I'm very impressed by the technology available here in Milford CT. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and most of all caring. If you spend time at the gym, you definitely want to know more about your body. I highly recommend HyperFit MD.

- Clementina L.

I am so happy with my visits to HyperFit. They provide a unique service in healthcare - preventative medicine. Thanks, Dr. Guglin and Francesca for educating me about my health through your comprehensive testing and analysis and putting me on track for a healthy new year.

- Michele K.

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