What We Offer

We will help you deal with stresses in life by identifying what causes your stress and practicing ways to relax.

Stress Management

We will help you deal with stresses in life by identifying what causes your stress and practicing ways to relax.

Excessive stress is one of the primary causes of poor health today, resulting in increased rates of many chronic conditions along with social and emotional dysfunction. Stress management is key to maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

How Does My Body React to Stress?

Your body responds to stress by secreting the hormone cortisol from the adrenal glands. During stressful times, your body requires extra energy to optimize and maximize muscles and brain function.

Glucose, a sugar stored in your muscles and liver, is the primary source of the energy your body needs. The hormone cortisol instructs the cells of your liver and muscles to set free glucose from its storage form glycogen. As stress increases, energy powers our muscles, we improve our thinking and brain processing, and we

How Does Stress Affect My Health?

Our bodies were designed to react to stressful situations, but not for the continual, prolonged stressors that we experience today. Over time, excessive stress can result in depression, anxiety, personality disorders, heart disease, stroke, obesity, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, along with many other conditions.

How Can I Manage My Stress?

Finding a healthy way to manage your stress is important for your well-being. Before you begin taking medications that may have harmful side effects, consider our approach which can help get your stress under control in a healthy manner.

We believe in managing stress through nutrition, music, yoga, and meditation, along with other relaxation techniques. Understanding the causes of stress and using a healthy approach to address them can have a positive effect on your physical, cognitive, social, and emotional functioning.


How Can I Get Help?

Our experienced staff at HyperFit MD in the Milford, CT area will work with you to manage your stress. Contact us online or call today at (203) 890-9777 for a consultation. We will identify, manage and balance your stress response and empower you to achieve a life filled with health and wellness.