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New and Aesthetic Services

New and Aesthetic Services

Microneedling with PRP for Anti-aging

HyperFit MD is now offering PRP Microneedling Facials as well. This process assures deposition of new collagen in the facial skin, erasing age lines and wrinkles in multiple treatment formats.

Most practices that offer PRP use a non-concentrated or 2x concentrated serum for treatment. Here at HyperFit MD, we employ state of the art equipment that allows us to offer a 5x concentration, providing optimum results for indications ranging from hair restoration and aesthetics to tendon and soft tissue injuries.

To find out if PRP is an option for you in your hair loss or anti-aging journey, give us a call today at 203.890.9777 to set up a consultation, why wait!


Male Sexual Performance Optimization

At HyperFit MD Age Management Center we are now offering a new, surgery and needle-free, non-invasive therapy for erectile dysfunction.  Pulse wave therapy utilizes acoustical waves in a therapy that revolutionizes the approach to optimizing sexual performance.  Inability to achieve or sustain an erection can be a confidence killer that can lead to further, emotionally based sexual dysfunction and relationship problems.  We offer pulse wave therapy to help men improve overall sexual function and performance.

This therapy consists of a series of office-based sessions, each lasting about 20 minutes, that is non-invasive and pain-free.  Typical response leads to full benefit in 6-12 sessions but many men see immediate improvement after the first few applications.  Visit us at our Milford location to discuss how we can apply this new technology to help eliminate erectile dysfunction and enhance your sexual performance and pleasure.

To find out if Male Sexual Performance Optimization is an option for you, give us a call today at 203.890.9777 to set up a consultation or to learn more.