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IV Nutrient Therapy and
IV Infusions at HyperFit MD

Take advantage of IV Nutrient Therapy and notice your overall health and energy levels improve dramatically. Receive nutrients at a cellular level, which helps boost your immune system, fight against allergies, the common cold and several other common ailments and get back to feeling normal faster. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are vital for maintaining great health. However, most people find it challenging to achieve the right nutritional balance through their diet and oral supplements, especially anyone who suffers from chronic illness.

IV Therapy delivers the necessary nutrients directly into your bloodstream, maximizing absorption and helping you achieve a high level of wellness. Nutrient IV Therapy is a painless and effective way to replenish your body with the essential nutrients it needs to increase your overall health. Our state-of-the-art wellness center is set up to help you relax while you replenish the body.
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IV Nutrient Therapy and IV Infusions: What to Know

What is it?

IV Nutrient Therapy delivers essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to your body through your bloodstream. It is based on medical and scientific research and has been shown to heal your body, improve your health and well-being and prevent numerous conditions.

During treatment, a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids is administered to your body intravenously. Nutrients can be adjusted based on your individual needs to provide optimal nutrition to your body. When taking these nutrients through oral supplements, the body only absorbs roughly 30% of what goes into it. Compare this to Nutrient IV Therapy, which allows the body to absorb 100% of the nutrients.

Why Invest in IV Therapy?

When your body lacks essential nutrients, you may experience hair loss, fatigue, depression, dry skin and hair, headaches, general malaise, along with many more symptoms. IV therapy is much more efficient than taking oral supplements because the nutrients go straight to your body. You avoid the digestive system, which sometimes does not absorb all the nutrients you consume.

The nutrients will correct deficits inside cells, where they are needed, improving their ability to heal. Many patients suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, menstrual cramps, infections, migraines, along with many other conditions find relief through IV therapy. Many athletes resort to IV Nutritional Therapy to help them recover faster and to have more endurance.

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Is IV Nutrient Therapy Right For Me?

Anyone can benefit from IV Nutrient Therapy. Book a consultation today and let us help you reach your health needs and goals.

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What Customers Say About Us

HyperFit MD

We are passionate about helping our patients and we are very grateful that we have been able to meet and help so many in and around Connecticut.

Highly recommend. So refreshing to have a doctor who is competent, listens to your health concerns and seeks answers to the cause of the problem. Dr. Guglin offers a free one-hour consultation and all my labs were 100% covered.

- Deb

I learned so much about my body and my health by completing 3 of the test that Dr. Guglin recommended. I'm very impressed by the technology available here in Milford CT. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and most of all caring. If you spend time at the gym, you definitely want to know more about your body. I highly recommend HyperFit MD.

- Clementina L.

I am so happy with my visits to HyperFit. They provide a unique service in healthcare - preventative medicine. Thanks, Dr. Guglin and Francesca for educating me about my health through your comprehensive testing and analysis and putting me on track for a healthy new year.

- Michele K.

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