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Bio Identical Hormone Optimization

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy
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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy returns the body back to an optimal level of hormones, resulting in a healthier and happier you! Dr. Charles Guglin, MD FACS has specialized in hormone optimization including hormone blood panels and testing as well as consulting.

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Contact our highly trained and caring staff at HyperFit MD for information. We are located at 88 Noble Avenue, Suite 105, Milford, CT 06460. You may contact us online or call us at (203) 890-9777. We will discuss your options and determine if BHRT is right for you. We will help you begin to stabilize physically, mentally and emotionally, as your body returns to a healthier level of fitness and energy.
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What is Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Once you are over 40, you may begin to experience weight gain, decreased energy, or impaired cognitive function. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be the solution you seek.

BHRT utilizes hormones with chemical structures identical to hormones your body naturally produces. That is the fundamental difference between BHRT and other commonly prescribed synthetic hormones, such as Premarin and Provera. Most synthetic hormones are not perfect matches to your hormones, which can increase side effects.

BHRT can be tailored to your needs, restoring your hormone levels to an optimal range.

What Are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Women experiencing symptoms of menopause will find BHRT helpful in alleviating night sweats and hot flashes. It also increases the levels of energy and decreases irritability, insomnia, and forgetfulness. One great outcome is weight stabilization. Hormone optimization will return hormones to appropriate levels, reducing the risk of heart disease, elevated cholesterol, osteoporosis, and decreased insulin sensitivity.

BHRT is not only helpful to women, but men also benefit greatly. As they age, men begin to experience lower levels of testosterone, which results in reduced energy and libido, along with hampered cognition and mood changes. BHRT helps to optimize testosterone levels, which protects men against many diseases and keeps them looking and feeling youthful.

Optimizing hormones in both men and women has shown to decrease cholesterol and protects the brain against protein deposits that eventually lead to Alzheimer’s disease. People using BHRT will notice an almost immediate improvement in their anxiety and energy levels and improvement in their physical and mental health.