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At HyperFit MD, we are progressive medicine specialists with a core focus on why symptoms occur. We use non-invasive aesthetic treatments and precision medicine to help you feel and look your best.

Preventative Treatment

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We are the best age management center in Connecticut. Your source of preventative, precision medicine and aesthetic treatments.

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We are proud to offer age management and preventative care treatments to enhance your well being.

Advanced Regenerative Therapy

MRI Full Body Scan

Sculptra Injection

Galleri Cancer Test

Emsella Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Spider Vein Removal

Diolaze Hair Removal


What Customers Say About Us

HyperFit MD

We are passionate about helping our patients and we are very grateful that we have been able to meet and help so many in and around Connecticut.

Outstanding service and personalized health care. I’m 47 and I feel amazing. Feeling this good as I age is worth every penny.

- James

Highly recommend. So refreshing to have a doctor who is competent, listens to your health concerns and seeks answers to the cause of the problem. Dr. Guglin offers a free one-hour consultation and all my labs were 100% covered.

- Deb

I learned so much about my body and my health by completing 3 of the test that Dr. Guglin recommended… the staff is knowledgeable, professional and most of all caring.

- Clementina L.

I am so happy with my visits to HyperFit. They provide a unique service in healthcare - preventative medicine.

- Michele K.

Amazing experience! The staff was extremely nice and warm welcoming... I came here to get an IV due to dehydration. They me feel better the second I walked in the door.

- Nicholas P.

If you think this is for real -- that a physician would take time to really listen to what you have been experiencing and physically longing to improve in your life -- well yes it is if you are in the room with esteemed Dr. Charles A. Guglin.

- Kariann P.