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At HyperFit MD, we are progressive medicine specialists with a core focus on why symptoms occur, the true source of the issue.

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We are the best age management center in our great state of Connecticut. Your source of human optimization, preventative, functional, and regenerative medicine.

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We are proud to offer age management and preventative care treatments to enhance the lives.

Erectile Dysfunction

Regenerative Medicine

IV Nutrient Therapy

Preventive and Precision Medicine

Bio Identical Hormone Optimization

Stem Cell Therapy

Age Management & Aesthetics

Stress Management

Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

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Are saying about us

HyperFit MD

We are passionate about helping our patients and we are very grateful that we have been able to meet and help so many in and around our great community of Milford, CT.

Highly recommend. So refreshing to have a doctor who is competent, listens to your health concerns and seeks answers to the cause of the problem. Dr. Guglin offers a free one-hour consultation and all my labs were 100% covered.

- Deb

I learned so much about my body and my health by completing 3 of the test that Dr. Guglin recommended. I'm very impressed by the technology available here in Milford CT. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and most of all caring. If you spend time at the gym, you definitely want to know more about your body. I highly recommend HyperFit MD.

- Clementina L.

I am so happy with my visits to HyperFit. They provide a unique service in healthcare - preventative medicine. Thanks, Dr. Guglin and Francesca for educating me about my health through your comprehensive testing and analysis and putting me on track for a healthy new year.

- Michele K.

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