Nutritional and Exercise Counseling

Have you been considering losing weight and are not sure how to go about it? We are here to help you with nutritional and exercise counseling to achieve the weight loss you have always desired. It’s never too late to start your journey to looking and feeling healthy and vibrant!

Our Role at HyperFit MD

During your consultation, we work to determine and treat the root causes of your weight gain. We offer exercise and nutrition counseling with the goal of helping you reach your optimal health and wellness. We use an approach backed by science to correct underlying metabolic, hormonal, and lifestyle issues that may be causing weight loss resistance. With us, you will enjoy permanent weight loss and will feel healthier than ever!


Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling Tailored for You

Our health coach will start with your complete nutrition and lifestyle evaluation. We will offer you different options you can choose from based on your health and your preferences. Your lifestyle nutritionist will support you and hold you accountable as you undergo your lifestyle changes.

During this life-changing process, we will provide you with a simple meal plan to follow, which will work to change your biochemistry and improve your metabolism. We will also provide you with personalized exercise coaching to maximize your weight loss and improve your health. We will provide you with proven strategies to help you make and maintain your lifestyle changes, and will be there to support you every step of the way. The weight management skills you will acquire will leave you with the tools to maintain your healthy weight for your lifetime!


What Should You Expect?

Your transformation will begin with shedding fat without feeling deprived of your favorite foods or experiencing any dangerous side effects. Better yet, the weight you lose will stay off for good. Unlike with other diet programs, you will learn how to eat natural food and lead a normal life while enjoying your new healthy weight.


Are You Ready for Change?

Call us now at (203) 890-9777 or schedule your appointment online to learn more about Nutritional and Exercise Counseling and how it can change your life for good. Our highly experienced staff at HyperFit MD in the Milford, CT area look forward to supporting you in your choice of a lasting, healthy way of life!

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