NeoGraft Visualizer

You may have heard of NeoGraft hair restoration with its stunning results, but have you heard of NeoGraft Visualizer? Just as you would try out a car or new clothes before you purchase them, our revolutionary technology provides a simulator tool which will allow you to visualize what you would look like with your hair […]

Weight Loss

If you have been searching for a healthy way to lose weight for good, you’ve come to the right place. Here at HyperFit MD, we treat the the root causes of your weight gain and offer exercise and nutritional counseling, resulting in optimal health and wellness. Personalized Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling Our approach focuses […]

Lets Talk About IV Nutritional Therapy

Receiving the nutrients your body needs to repair cells, boost your immune system, and fight allergies will dramatically improve your overall health and energy level. However, most people may find it challenging to achieve the right nutritional balance through diet and oral supplements, especially if suffering from chronic illnesses. What is IV Nutritional Therapy? IV […]

Stress Management

No one is free from the stresses of life. The difference is how much stress each person is under and how they handle it. Long-term stress without knowing how to manage it can have detrimental effects on your physical, social and emotional health. At HyperFit MD, we will help you deal with life’s stresses by […]

Nutritional and Exercise Counseling

Have you been considering losing weight and are not sure how to go about it? We are here to help you with nutritional and exercise counseling to achieve the weight loss you have always desired. It’s never too late to start your journey to looking and feeling healthy and vibrant! Our Role at HyperFit MD […]

Bioidentical Hormones-What you need to know

Have you been experiencing weight gain, decreased energy or impaired cognitive function? If so, you are not alone. As people age, many begin to experience hormonal imbalances causing various symptoms. Revive Wellness Group – hormone replacement therapy returns your body to its optimal level of hormones, leaving you looking and feeling your best. What is […]

Advanced Diagnostics

Functional Medicine is a growing field of modern medicine offering tremendous steps forward in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatments of many chronic diseases. Using advanced diagnostics, we can identify the underlying causes of many health conditions. These test results enable us to develop personalized treatment protocols aimed to keep you healthy for years to come! […]

Age Management

Are you looking for ways to manage the signs of aging? Allow us to help you enjoy life to the fullest! We at HyperFit MD may not be able to turn back the clock, but we can help you acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   Preventive and Functional Medicine Explained Preventive and functional medicine […]

About Dr. Guglin

Meet Dr. Charles Guglin, MD FACS. With his extensive training and experience, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Dr. Guglin was born and raised in Rochester, NY. After receiving a BS from SUNY at Albany, NY, he went on to medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.   […]

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

You may have noticed lately that your hair is thinning. Rest assured, you are not alone. About 50 million men along with 30 million women suffer from male or female pattern baldness or thinning hair. Many consider options to regrow their hair. Imagine what it would be like to restore your hair with no visible […]