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Age Management

Are you looking for ways to manage the signs of aging? Allow us to help you enjoy life to the fullest! We at HyperFit MD may not be able to turn back the clock, but we can help you acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Preventive and Functional Medicine Explained

Preventive and functional medicine offer a tailored approach, addressing the underlying causes of chronic illnesses rather than merely treating symptoms using medication. Preventive medicine is preventative healthcare. Our goal is to avert your risk of disease through detailed evaluation and focused treatment, aimed at making sure your body is functioning the way it should.

Through advanced diagnostics, we go well beyond the usual “Executive” work up, identifying health issues that you might not know exist, that can then be addressed through lifestyle modification, supplementation and hormonal optimization. We search for underlying sources of illness or any imbalances in your body, along with treating any potential problems before they occur; stopping health issues from developing, rather than focusing on masking or treating the symptoms of diseases. Treatments include lifestyle adjustments through education about diet, exercise and stress management. We also provide medical interventions, including hormone supplementation, to provide you with an improved quality of life by getting your mind and body functioning at maximum potential.


Age Management

Age management is a sound medical approach that focuses on treating aging as a manageable process. This anti-aging method does not claim to increase one’s longevity or reverse aging at the cellular level, but instead, focuses on helping you gain and maintain optimal health through our integrated functional and preventive medicine approach. Age management is achieved through weight management, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and hormone optimization.

Dr. Guglin at HyperFit MD will provide you with a thorough evaluation and will design a personalized plan based on your health status and disease risk, along with your age management goals.


Begin Your Journey to Age Management!

Schedule your appointment today! We at HyperFit MD are here to answer all your questions and help you get on track with age management that works! Contact us online or call us at (203) 890-9777 for a consultation today. Allow us to be your mentors in health.

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