Five Pillars of Health

5 Pillars of Health

Experiencing optimal health involves focusing on the five pillars of health including detoxification, nutrition, fitness, hormone optimization, and stress reduction. Our experts at HyperFit MD will examine your history, lifestyle, and environment to develop a plan aimed at helping restore your body to its optimum health and well-being!


Pillar 1: Detoxification

Did you know that you can reverse chronic disease and inflammatory processes by eliminating toxins from your body? If you suffer from constipation, inflammation, an enlarged belly, difficulty concentrating, chronic health conditions, and aches and pains, you need to address your detoxification pillar. Talk to us at HyperFit MD about ways to detoxify your body, allowing you to enjoy improved health and vitality.


Pillar 2: Nutrition

Consuming nutritious foods will allow you to enjoy a healthier weight, along with an improvement in your hair, skin, nails, and mood. You’ll sleep better and feel more energized. For best results, drink plenty of water daily, and add healthy fats to your daily diet such as those from fish, almonds, or avocados. Eat large amounts of leafy vegetables, and include a serving of complete protein with each meal.


Pillar 3: Fitness

The fitness pillar is one of the gateways to optimal health and wellness. Make exercise a part of your daily routine, not just a fleeting resolution. Vary your workouts and make sure they include strength training, cardiovascular training, mobility work, and recreational activities. Focusing on the fitness pillar will allow you to sleep better, along with enjoying increased energy and greater self-confidence.


Pillar 4: Hormone Optimization 

The hormone optimization pillar focuses on balancing the hormones that control your body’s processes to enhance your body’s functions. Our bioidentical hormone therapy at HyperFit MD helps alleviate symptoms of menopause, increases the levels of energy and decreases irritability, insomnia, and forgetfulness. It also works to stabilize weight and reduce the risks of heart disease, elevated cholesterol, osteoporosis, and increased insulin sensitivity. Your body will return to an optimal level of hormones resulting in healthier and happier you!


Pillar 5: Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is critical to your optimal health. We will train you to keep your brain calm even during the most challenging times. We will help you deal with stresses in life by identifying what causes your stress and practicing ways to relax.


Are You Ready for a Healthier You?

Contact our highly trained staff at HyperFit MD for information. We will help you to stabilize physically, mentally and emotionally, as your body returns to a healthier level of wellness and energy. Call us today!

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